Current Style GPD Badge
(Isn't this a beauty?)
Worn in the early days until 1976
Current style shoulder patch
Shoulder patch 1969 to 2000
Rookie Glendale Cop
Shoulder patch
approx. 1951 to 1969
GPD shooting (Metals) badges
from the '50', 60' & 70's

GPD Centennial Badge
1915 GPD Badge
worn until approx. 1924
Worn from 1976 to 2000

Beautiful custom badge
approx. 1924 to 1950's
Glendale City Private Patrol
G.P.D. 1970.
Pre-WWII Badge
used for a variety of reasons
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1947 ** First issue GPD shoulder patch
(Image compliments of William Selonek)
Thank you!
** See news clipping below
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I had the pleasure of working with both of these officers in 1969