Police Badges fromĀ 
San Luis Obispo County California
Circa 1950's
Old badge from the 50's
Constable Ed Birmingham, 1939; Cholame is in NE San Luis Obispo County. this is where James Dean died in a car crash in 1955.
Circa 1937, worn by Constable Harry Kahl
circa 1950's, Worn by Bill Sinclair
Prior to Morro Bay PD, Circa 1950's
Constable John Norman, 1960's
County Harbor Master, Morro Bay, circa 1950's
Morro Bay Police, circa 1960's
Paso Roble Police, circa 1973
Paso Robles Police fire. this badge was used in the 50's by firefighters who directed traffic and set up a fire line at fires and disasters.
Paso Robles Police Auxiliary, circa 1950's
Paso Robles Township Constable Ken West's badge. Worn in 1947
Pismo Beach Police Captain's Badge with custom seal worn by Ed Williams
Old Pismo Beach Special Police badge
San Luis Obispo Sheriff Ranger, gold filled, dated on rear, 7-4-40. worn by Deputy Dick Kleck
Old San Luis Obispo City Police Badge
San Luis Obispo Police, circa 1970's
San Luis Obispo County Harbor Patrol
San Luis Obispo Sheriff Ranger. used by Sheriff's Posse
Special SLO Fair Police, circa 1950's
SLO Fair Police, circa 1950
Special Investigator DA Investigator SLO County 1950's
SLO County Constable. 1950's
San Luis Obispo County Deputy Sheriff badge 1937
Current style SLOSO badge
SLOSO Sesquicentennial badge, 2000
SLO County DA Investigator's badge from the 1960's
Circa 1950's
Circa 1960's
SLOSO 1970's
This badge was worn by Cal Poly University Police, who were deputized by the Sheriff. This was prior to the University formed their own police department.
Contable Del Bassetti wore this badge in the 60's and early 70's for the 5th Judicial District of SLO County
Current style
SLOSO Distinguished Service badge, sponsoed by the SLOSO Association
Explorer Captain badge from 1981
SLOSO hat badge 1960's
This badge was used by Elsa Maha in 1946. She was a jail matron and the girlfriend of Sherif Murray Hathaway.
Sheriff's Posse badge from 1970-1980
Special Deputy assigned to the County parks and Beaches Department.
W.S. Condict used this badge in the 60's
This depaartment is now Grover Beach Police. This badge is from the 1970's. Unique green enamel lettering.
Sample badge made in the 70's
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I originally collected these badges. Many of these badges were acquired by the California Police Museum inĀ  2023 to preserve their history.